Asalamualaikum and welcome to Muslim Kids - Learning Resources.

This project started because we found that our family, as well as many others struggle to find good Islamic learning resources for our children all in one place. We also found that many families, schools and madrassas require that these resources also provide printable quality learning material for their kids.

We want to meet those needs and requirements and have decided to gather research and request support from friends and teachers to help us put together useful materials for Muslim children. We are continuously seeking support to better the content that we provide to our viewers. Your suggestions and support is welcome, so please email us by using the contact form.

What we do
Our aim is to provide good learning materials using designs that are specifically targeted at Muslim children. The learning resources can be read/displayed online across all devices and the material is also downloadable and printable, for families/teachers to engage with their children/students, have fun whilst learning as well as gaining Islamic knowledge. As we are all aware, mobiles and tablets are heavily used by not just adults, but children too! Our aim therefore is to encourage families to interact and strengthen the bonds that unite us through our available printable materials.

We hope this will cut down the amount of time our families spend glued to their mobile devices. They can, instead, share some priceless time engrossed in Islamic knowledge. This is because, the level of potential development is determined through problem solving under adult guidance and collaboration with them. What children can do with the assistance of others is even more indicative of their mental development than what they can do alone.

Insha’Allah we aim to develop a large number of learning resources, covering all of the essential Islamic topics such as the five pillars of Islam, Quran, Tajweed, Duas, Hadith and many more.

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