My Salah Mat - Adult & Revert Muslim Educational Interactive Prayer Mat2

My Salah Mat - Adult & Revert Muslim Educational Interactive Prayer Mat2

 Product Overview: My Salah Mat - Adult & Revert Muslim Educational Interactive Prayer Mat

Connect with Allah through the world's first smart Adult interactive prayer mat, crafted by My Salah Mat. This innovative product is designed for teenagers and adults, serving as an ideal companion and gift for Revert Muslims, facilitating the learning and practice of Salah.

Key Features:

  1. Waterproof and Fire-Resistant: Crafted from durable and safe materials, the mat ensures longevity and safety.

  2. 25 Touch-Sensitive Keys: Interactive touch technology allows users to access Surahs, Adhan, Salah, Duas, and more with a touch of a button.

  3. Guided Prayer Experience: Select any Salah and let the guided prayer experience begin. The mat lights up different positions at the right time, helping users navigate through the prayer seamlessly.

  4. Prayer Initiation: The chosen prayer starts when the user stands on the feet position, ensuring a smooth transition into the prayer.

  5. Touch-Sensitive Technology: The mat recognizes prayer positions through touch sensitivity, enhancing the interactive and educational aspect of learning Salah.

  6. Quran Recitation: Features recitation by a qualified Qari with Ijazah, adding a spiritual dimension to the prayer experience.


  • Prayer Mat Size: 147cm in Length x 75cm in Width.
  • Box Size: 40cm in Width, 32cm in Length, and 10cm in Depth.
  • Weight: 1.1kg.
  • Materials: Waterproof and Fireproof.
  • Batteries: Not included.

Included Manual Book:

  • How to Perform Salah Guide: Detailed guidance on performing Salah.
  • Duas and Surahs: Essential supplications and chapters from the Quran.
  • Note Section: A dedicated area for personal notes.

Purpose:My Salah Mat aims to assist teenagers, adults, and Revert Muslims in connecting with Allah, learning Salah, and fostering a guided prayer experience.

Educational Value:The mat serves as an educational tool, providing interactive guidance on Salah, making it accessible for individuals learning or relearning the prayer.

Dua for Success:May this innovative and educational prayer mat contribute positively to the learning and practice of Salah for teenagers, adults, and Revert Muslims. Praying for its success and impact on fostering a deeper connection with Allah.

Connectivity:My Salah Mat acts as a unique bridge for users to enhance their understanding and practice of Salah through innovative technology and interactive learning.

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