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Masjid Al Haram 3D Puzzle

Masjid Al Haram 3D Puzzle

Embark on a Spiritual Journey with the Masjid Al Haram 3D Puzzle - A Majestic Eid Gift! 

Hey puzzle enthusiasts and culture lovers, get ready for a unique experience that goes beyond traditional puzzles! Introducing the Masjid Al Haram 3D Puzzle - an exquisite piece that brings the beauty of Makkah right into your living room. Here's why this puzzle is a must-have for ages 7 and up:

Majestic 3D Replica: Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Masjid Al-Haram with this 3D puzzle featuring 229 foam pieces. As you assemble, watch the iconic structure come to life, creating a stunning replica that captures the essence of Makkah.

Moderate Challenge: Not too easy, not too hard – with a 4 out of 5 difficulty rating, this puzzle strikes the perfect balance. It's an engaging challenge that keeps both kids and adults entertained, making it a fantastic family activity.

Spiritual Eid Gift: Looking for a meaningful Eid gift? Look no further! This 3D puzzle is a thoughtful present for those who appreciate the beauty of Islamic architecture. It's not just a puzzle; it's a symbol of spiritual connection.

For Ages 7 and Up: Designed with young minds in mind! The Masjid Al Haram 3D Puzzle is suitable for ages 7 and up, making it an excellent choice for family bonding or solo adventures in puzzle-solving.

Impressive Assembled Size: Once completed, witness the grandeur in its full glory! The assembled size of 515 x 310 x 185 mm ensures that the finished puzzle becomes a captivating centerpiece, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Clear Instruction Manual: No puzzle panic here! The set includes a clear instruction manual to guide you through the assembly process. It's like having your own personal puzzle guru ensuring a smooth journey.

Puzzle lovers, history enthusiasts, or anyone captivated by the beauty of Masjid Al-Haram, make this 3D puzzle a part of your collection. Order now and bring the spiritual essence of Makkah into your home!

Masjid Al Haram 3D Puzzle - Where Faith and Fun Come Together! 

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