Free Ramadan Activity Sheets!

Ramadan Awesome Activity Sheets – Grab Your Free Printables Now!

Ramadan Awesome Activity Sheets – Grab Your Free Printables Now!

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1. Name Of Allah Wordsearch: Find the Arabic Names of Allah

Get ready for a word hunt! Dive into this exciting wordsearch puzzle and seek out the Arabic Names of Allah hidden within. Challenge yourself, and see how many you can find. The answers are right there, woven into the puzzle, waiting for you to discover them.

2. Connect The Mosques: Draw a path between the Arabic name of Allah and the English meaning

Connect the dots, or in this case, connect the mosques! A beautiful path of understanding lies between the Arabic Names of Allah and their English meanings. We've started the first one for you; now, it's your turn to draw lines connecting the rest. Strengthen your connection with the divine by linking these names with their meanings.


  • Arabic Name of Allah: الرَّحْمَٰنُ
  • English Meaning: The Most Gracious

Now, it's your turn to connect the remaining mosques with their meanings.

3. Unscramble The Letters

Get ready to unravel the mystery in the clouds! Each cloud holds a jumble of letters, and it's up to you to unscramble them and reveal the English meaning of the Arabic Names of Allah.


Scrambled Letters: L-O-V-E Unscrambled: Love

Now, dive into the clouds and unscramble these letters to uncover the meanings:

  • Cloud 1: R-A-H-M-A-N
  • Cloud 2: M-A-L-I-K
  • Cloud 3: A-L-Q-U-D-D-U-S

Enjoy the challenge, and may the meanings illuminate your understanding of the beautiful names of Allah! 

Why bother with these Activity Sheets?

Learn Something New: These sheets aren't just fun; they're secretly educational. Sneaky, right? Teach your kids (and maybe yourself) a thing or two about the beauty of Ramadan – its traditions, values, and everything in between.

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing: Coloring intricate patterns, cracking puzzles – these sheets are like a creativity boot camp. Get ready to flex those creative muscles and maybe discover a hidden talent or two.

Family Bonding Time: Who said learning can't be a family affair? These activities are your ticket to some quality family time. Trust me; you'll appreciate the laughs, discussions, and bonding moments more than you think.

Feel the Ramadan Vibes: These activities aren't just for show; they're designed to spark some deep thoughts and conversations about the true meaning of Ramadan. It's like a spiritual reflection wrapped in fun paper.

Get ready for a month filled with learning, creativity, and some seriously awesome family moments! 

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