But...Who is Allah? - Islamic books for kids

Hey, wonderful parents and curious kiddos! 👋👦👧 Are you ready for a magical journey into the world of Islamic understanding? Well, say hello to "But...Who is Allah?," the charming Islamic book that's about to make bedtime stories an enlightening experience for your little ones!

Meet Adam, the inquisitive young Muslim on a quest to unravel the mysteries of religion and discover the essence of Allah. 🌟 In this delightful story crafted for both kids and their awesome parents, get ready to dive into religious concepts and everyday expressions in the most fun and captivating way.

What's on the agenda, you ask? A unique and creative journey that introduces your little explorers to the beauty of their religion. 🕌✨ "But...Who is Allah?" offers not just a story but a positive and comforting perspective on Islamic beliefs, culture, and way of life. It's that missing piece your family's bookshelf has been craving!

Designed especially for Muslim children growing up outside their parents' homeland (hello European and Muslim American families!), this book takes the concept of God and presents it in a simple and enjoyable manner. 🌍📚 Plus, it's sprinkled with Arabic and Islamic terms from the Quran, breaking it down in a way that's easy-peasy for your young ones to grasp.

Dear Parents, brace yourselves for an Inshallah-worthy experience! 🤲📚 May you and your kiddos revel in the enchanting world of "But...Who is Allah?" and anticipate the wonders of upcoming Islamic gems headed your way.

Inside this treasure trove of a Muslim book, your kids will become pals with terms like Subhan-Allah, Insha-Allah, Al-hamdulillah, Bismillah, Masha-Allah, Allahu Akbar, Azan, Mosque, Assalamu Alaykum, and the powerful la ilaha illallah. Get ready for an educational adventure that sparks curiosity and paves the way for a deeper connection with their Islamic roots.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into this enriching tale and let the exploration begin! 

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