30 days of learning and good deeds

Unlock the Magic of Learning with "30 Days of Learning and Good Deeds" - A Must-Have for Little Muslims!

Hey there, amazing parents and little explorers! 🌟 Imagine a book that's not just for Ramadan but a year-round companion on a positive learning journey - introducing "30 Days of Learning and Good Deeds," the ultimate Islamic book for kids that's perfect for every month of the year!

This book is like a treasure chest, inviting your child on a 30-day adventure that's designed to become a lifelong habit. 🌈 Each day, your little one will dive into a world of good deeds, learning about the Prophet, exploring His personality traits, discovering more about Islam, and even reading simple Surahs of the Quran in English.

Why is it a must-have, you ask? Well, it's not just a book; it's a toolkit for parents to engage in meaningful conversations and teach the fundamentals of Islam to their children. Ideal for kids aged 4-12, but honestly, it's for anyone who wants to learn about Islam in a straightforward way.

So, what's inside this essential Muslim book? Each page is a gem, divided into five sections that will make your little (and big) Muslims:

Become Good Citizens: Through realistic examples, like helping with chores or giving a hand to a neighbor, kids are encouraged to take simple actions and do good every day. It's all about turning those good deeds into a habit that lasts beyond the 30 days.

Learn More About Islam: Discover what Islam is all about! From the 5 pillars to the six articles of faith, kids will grasp the essence of being Muslim and how to embody the qualities of a good Muslim.

Dive into Ramadan and Eids: Understand the beauty of Ramadan beyond fasting. It's a month of good actions, charity, prayers, and empathy. Learn about the importance of Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha and why they're celebrated.

Get to Know Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Explore the life, personality traits, and behaviors of the Prophet, inviting kids to follow his steps and adopt good habits.

Read Surahs of the Quran: For 30 days, parents and children are encouraged to read a short Surah of the Quran. It covers the majority of Juz' 30 during the month.

This book is not just a read; it's an experience, a journey, and a celebration of learning, goodness, and the beauty of Islam. Grab it, and let the enlightenment begin! 

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